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Neglected Tomatoes

June 11, 2019 by Comments


Melissa and Abby


A community garden spot.  Melissa is watering her plot filled with a variety of veggies and flowers.  Abby is looking at the neighboring plots. A humorous interchange between friends….

ABBY:  Damn, look at all those tomatoes on the plot next to yours.  All over the vines and on the floor. Does anyone come by to get them?

MELISSA: Don’t know – but it sure is beyond ready to be harvested.

ABBY:  You think they’d mind if I took a couple?

MELISSA:  Abby, that’s stealing!

ABBY:  Well, it looks to me like it’s me using the resources at hand instead of letting them go to waste.

MELISSA:  Still, it’s not my – or your – garden plot and it would be stealing.

ABBY:  That’s your perspective.  If I’m rescuing some neglected tomatoes, and putting them to good use, maybe I’m a sustainable hero instead of a thief.

MELISSA: I don’t know Abby, I just wouldn’t feel right about it.

ABBY:  Well, you wouldn’t be the one rescuing the tomatoes, I would.

MELISSA:  Look, how about I give you some of my tomatoes?

ABBY:  That’s so sweet of you, but the point here is that your neighbor’s tomatoes are going to waste.  Someone has to rescue them!

MELISSA: Let me put it to you this way.  If you don’t steal those tomatoes I will give you a bag of kale and carrots from my garden.

ABBY:  So it’s okay for you to bribe me but I can’t steal tomatoes?  Isn’t that just one criminal action in exchange for another?

MELISSA:  Hmmm. Didn’t think about it that way.

ABBY:  I’ll tell you what.  If you add in some eggplants to the bag of kale and carrots you’ve got yourself a deal.

MELISSA: Alright, great.

As Melissa is packing up a bag of veggies for Abby, Abby has wandered over to another person’s garden plot.

ABBY:  Melissa – check this out!  This person has neglected Zinnias!

Melissa grabs the bag of veggies AND Abby, then quickly and lovingly proceeds to lead her friend out the garden gate….





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One response to “Neglected Tomatoes”

  1. Jean Leigh says:

    Ha ha ha. I just had my strawberry plants neglected while I traveled. I put a flag, but no one picked them. I had to pull off a bunch of mushy, spoiled strawberries. Uggh

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