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Drooling Dude

September 30, 2019 by Comments


CHARACTER: Zeus and Bella, both dogs

SETTING: Dog park.


Bella:  Man, you are one drooling dude.

Zeus:  Can’t help it.

Bella: What’s your problem?

Zeus: Anxiety.  Not into dog parks.

Bella: But you’re a dog.

Zeus: Yeah but I’m more of a people dog.

Bella: Shame, cause the dogs here are pretty cool.  We like to play and run around, pee on the benches and even poop once in a while.  All good stuff!

Zeus:  Not my thing.  I prefer hanging on my owner’s lap and eating popcorn.  I call it “lapcorn” time.

Bella: Now that sounds friggin’ boring.

Zeus: Nah, it’s heaven. They get this really good kettle corn from Costco – love it.

Bella: Well, I’m going to go run around.  I’m a pup and need my exercise. You wanna join me?

Zeus: I don’t think any dog is going to want to play with me with all this drooling.

Bella: Us dogs put our noses into other dogs genitals and butts and you think we’re worried about a little drool?

Zeus: Well I don’t see anyone else drooling.

Bella:  We all have our quirks. Look at Bailey.  She’s runs around like she’s on uppers with her tongue hanging out all the time, and Simon is always on alert waiting for a crisis to happen, and dudley can’t catch the ball no matter how many times he tries, and then there’s me!  My legs are too long for my body and I’m always tripping on them. We all have our stuff. Just don’t go sticking your drooling face in anyone’s butt and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Zeus: Nah, I’m going to go sit on my owner’s lap and she’ll clean up the drool and then hopefully take me home.

Bella: Hey, quirks don’t scare us dogs. We’re unconditionally accepting of everyone’s traits – dogs and humans alike.  Afterall, dog is God spelled backwards – so we’re more forgiving and loving than most humans.

Zeus:  That’s for damn sure.  You should see what one of the kids puts me through and I never hold a grudge and always keep loving him up. By the way, did you know that your name in Hebrew means “devoted to God?”

Bella: And Zeus was the highest of the mythological Gods! We’re both Gods!

Zeus: Gods don’t drool from what I’ve heard. But I do, so evidently some Gods drool and I guess that’s cool.

Bella: It’s okay by me Zeus. Go enjoy your “lapcorn.” See ya next week.
Bella runs off with some other dogs and Zeus happily goes and sits with his owner to get the drool wiped off of his cute God face..:)




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