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Emotional Hijacking

August 31, 2020 by Comments

I just recently learned about the term “emotional hijack.”

“An emotional hijack refers to a situation in which the amygdala, the part of the brain that serves as our emotional processor, hijacks or bypasses your normal reasoning process.”

It’s all part of our fight, flight or freeze reaction.

Kind of upsetting to think that a part of us can hijack another part of us and wreak potential havoc.

And more than any term I’ve heard of before, this one is so on the mark viscerally describing how powerless we can feel when an intense emotion can shut off the logical part of the thought process.

I like to think that my logic has gotten me through many a tough time – even when my emotions were doing a pretty good job of trying to hijack me.

Times when I was scared shitless but somehow found the wherewithal to rise above my intense emotions and put an action into place that served a positive outcome.

But I’m seeing that everyday there are little, perhaps less intense situations that “emotionally hijack” me – that I’m just realizing happen more than I care to admit to.

For instance, when someone cuts us me off in traffic, or when I get a bill in the mail for the umpteenth time that I thought was resolved, or when I accidentally break my favorite dish that I eat breakfast on every day, or when the dog vomits on the carpet, or the air conditioner unit blows unexpectedly.

These are all times when I can get emotionally hijacked – becoming pissed off, fearful or angry and momentarily (maybe even longer) am stuck in the emotional muck, out of sorts and consumed by yucky sucky feelings instead of centered in my calm, logical, objective, rational, eye of the storm.

So how do I deal with my internal hijacker?

I cut her off at the pass even before she gets to me.


And I notice, more and more that my Amygdala is starting to get it.  She’s starting to chill out and deal with life’s challenging moments with more calm and faith.  

She’s starting to become a really good friend.

It’s really one of the best feelings ever, when you take charge and train your brain to serve instead of hijack you.

Sweet relief.


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