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Finding Light In The Darkness

November 9, 2018 by Comments

 A new way to experience the dark

artwork by Perry Kroeger

artwork by Perry Kroeger

A couple of years ago Chaz asked a question pertaining to spirit as it relates to light and dark. I can’t relay the exact words of our conversation, but the basic question Chaz asked about was why do we only speak of the goodness of spirit in terms of light?  Why can’t the darkness also be a good place?

 At that moment, I began thinking about my own relationship with the dark. I admit it – I am afraid of the dark – and I have been my entire life.  And I think many of us are afraid of the dark. I realized that deep down I viscerally feel that light is good and dark is bad: darkness is where the evil lurks….whether it be in a dark alley, my bedroom, or within myself when I close my eyes.

 As Chaz so wisely pointed out in his eleven year old kind of way – the many times we experience spirit is in the darkness – when we go to sleep, when we meditate, when we are in the womb, and when we pray (how many times have we seen images of children praying at their bedside eyes closed and palms clasped).  However, many cultures and religions and spiritual teachings talk about “going to the light,” “God is light and love,”  “Let the light surround you.”  Light, light, light,  For so many of us lightness has connotations of goodness and darkness has connotations of “badness.”

 Think about the not so subtle ways kids grow up with this message. Stories of the boogey man or monster coming to get you when you close the lights and go to sleep are passed down generation to generation; hell – that dark, dreary, and awful fabricated place – is a place where you go if you’re a “bad” person; and that after you die, you are buried in the dark earth in a dark, lightless casket. All images that support fear and dread of the darkness.

angel pictures show us how to change our lives

artwork by Perry Kroeger

But if God, spirit, the energy of the universe, whatever you choose to call it, is EVERYTHING and is IN EVERYTHING, than isn’t this energy also in the dark? After all wholeness comes from the joining of opposites, from the union of the two elements that possess totally different qualities but also possess the entirety of the whole. Yin and yang, day and night, female and male, black and white, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.

Darkness is such a cool thing when you look at it from this perspective. After all, the seeds of nature begin their life journey in the dark soil; we are conceived and evolve within a dark womb; and closing our eyes to sleep or meditate, further allows our spirit to feel itself and find peace.

 So many guided meditations and spiritual and religious teachers I listen to speak of THE LIGHT as the home to which we are all yearning for and will ultimately end up. But do we need to walk into the light to feel and be our spirit? Are we missing the point here?  Is there a better word to use to describe the energy of all that is than just the light so that our kids (and me) can go to sleep peacefully?  Perhaps a word that incorporates both the light and the dark?  Maybe we can “walk towards the grey (a mixing of the light and dark), or perhaps “let the grey surround you,” or “God is grey and love.”

As you can see, I haven’t found the word yet. So, I’m reaching out and asking for help. If you think of a word let me know. And here’s to all of us blissfully “going towards the ___________.”



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