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Moving On

September 2, 2019 by Comments

SETTING:  Living room

CHARACTERS: Slipper #1 and Slipper #2

Backstory:  Nana has come to visit and is wearing the most worn down slippers I have ever seen.  She loves them, but they are making it harder for this 89 year old spirit in a body to walk as they give her absolutely no support.  Not one to receive very easily, somehow or other I was able to convince her to chuck out the old and welcome the new….


Slipper #1: Man, she’s just worn us down to nothing

Slipper #2: I know – I’ve got nothing left.

Slipper #1: She better be careful or she’s gonna trip all over the place

Slipper #2: She already does!!

Slipper #1: So what do we do?  How can we help?

Slipper #2: I think it’s time to just give up and give out

Slipper #1: But she doesn’t have any other slippers?

Slipper #2: Well, maybe if we just go kaput she will have to get another pair!

Slipper #1: Wait! Look! Can it be?

Slipper #2: Wow, how cool is that.

Slipper #1: Her daughter just gave her a new pair, and even better than us if I do say so myself!

Slipper #2: Yeah, look at that cushioning and support.

Slipper #1:  Well, I guess it’s our time to move on.

Slipper #2:  We gave her a good run though.

Slipper #1:  We sure did. Remember though, if you love someone you gotta set them free.

Slipper #2:  Well then, let’s set her free.

Slipper #1: Here’s to no more trips or falls or accidents.  Take it away new slippers!

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