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Nagging Wife To The Rescue!

July 22, 2019 by Comments

Ali: Did you do it?

Jamie:  Not yet.

Ali: How come?

Jamie: Didn’t have time.

Ali: What do you mean you didn’t have time?

Jamie:  I’ll do it now, okay? 

Ali:  Oh-kay.

Jamie goes downstairs.

Ali:  (yelling downstairs) Did you do it yet?

Jamie:  (yelling upstairs) Not yet.

Ali: (yelling downstairs) OMG what’s the problem hon?  This isn’t rocket science.

Jamie: (yelling upstairs) I had to pee – and you know it takes me a couple of minutes to drain the pee pee swamp.

Ali: (yelling downstairs) Come on Jamie, you can do this!

Jamie: (yelling upstairs) Okay, okay I’m doing it now, hold your horses.

Jamie stops in his tracks.

Jamie: (to himself) Wait a minute, what was I coming down here to do?

Ali: (yelling downstairs one last time) JAMIE, I NEED MY COFFEE!!!

Jamie: (to himself) Oh yeah! That’s what I was coming downstairs to do.  Thank God for nagging wives!




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