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Negative, Schmegative!

November 18, 2020 by Comments

inspirational words can change your life! Although I am working on getting more unconditional, I, like many people, live in a world of duality.  Good and bad, easy and hard, sun and moon, positive and negative.

I strive for not giving “good or bad” meaning to life’s circumstances, but sometimes it’s just so damn hard not to go ouch and boo hoo and label a situation as negative.

I listen to Abraham-Hicks and love their messages.  They say that there is not a “negative” stream, that there is only one, positive, life force stream that you can either step into and flow with, or, step out of and get disconnected from.  There’s no darkness, just the absence of light.

So now when life show’s up as “negative” I remember that the word NEGATE is in the word NEGATIVE.  This allows me to know and remember that the negative thing is not so much “bad” but rather just negating the good/god.

Wouldn’t that be an interesting perception to live by: there is no bad, just the negating of the good?  Makes it a lot easier to then step back into the stream, go with the flow, and row, row, row your boat…..


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Ali Skylar (224 Posts)

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2 responses to “Negative, Schmegative!”

  1. Carla says:

    Great post! Yes! We have to keep seeing the contrast and getting back in line with all the good.
    Your post reminds me, why is a "negative" test result always so positive?! ?

  2. Diane Taccetta says:

    Thanks Ali, New perspective to a common condition…

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