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Never Give Up

October 30, 2020 by Comments

As a parent, there are so many times that all you want to do is make it better for your kids. Breaks your heart not to be able to. No matter how old they are.  How independent they are.  How close or far away they are.  Or How much they can annoy the crap out of you.

It is so sucky, so frustrating, so paralyzing at times when you know, deeply know, that nothing you can do at the moment is going to help your child feel better.  

Yes, loving them up is so powerful. But even better yet, I tell them that I will NEVER GIVE UP on them.  NEVER.  Always here. Always got their back.  Always love them – all the many parts of them – the yucky and the sucky along with the wins. 

I love them exactly how they are, right then and there.  And I remind them of their strength, courage and resiliency and remind them that, “You got this.”

I think one of the reasons we have kids is to truly learn this form of unconditional love. To learn how to love others DEEPLY, but even better yet, to learn how to love ourselves.  If we can do it for our kids, then we can do it for ourselves, right?

So my suggestion today, especially during these crazy times when many parents are losing their minds and pulling out their hair dealing with work and kids and virtual schooling, etc,. is to love all of YOUR yucky sucky stuff.  And remember to NEVER GIVE UP on yourself.  NEVER.  You got this….

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