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Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Space

February 22, 2021 by Comments

simple mindfulness exercises to awaken your spiritual awakening Once upon a time there was a little space.  It lived between the atoms.  It was a happy little space, moving and grooving to it’s own energy.

Then one day the atoms surrounding it decided to make a fortress of resistance and stop the space from doing its thing.

The little space was not happy.

“Hmmm. what to do, what to do,” thought the little space to itself.

“I got it!” the little space joyfully felt. I will radiate loving kindness to all the atoms surrounding me.

The little space got quiet, went into deep silence and then reached far, far into itself to connect with the light that gave it life.  It breathed deeply into this light and made the light grow bigger and bigger until it filled the little space up and then radiated outwards all around it, touching everything in it’s energy field.

A big burst of light exploded all around.  The atoms chilled and went back to their business being atoms and creating life.

The little space was free again, free to be a little space.

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