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Purpose schmurpose…

August 13, 2020 by Comments

I always get a little uptight when I’m asked by someone “what is your purpose here on planet earth?

As soon as the question lands, my brain goes “huh?”

I didn’t realize until last night why that question is such an energy constrictor for me.

Are we really only limited to ONE PURPOSE? 

That’s like asking a kid, during the exploratory years of their young lives, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Why do they have to pick one thing?  And how the heck can they know at such a young age?  A definite limit on unlimited possibilities.

Here’s my take: we’re multi-purpose beings who find different purposes in different aspects of our lives.

PURPOSE DEFINITION: have as one’s intention or objective.

Don’t we all have a lot of intentions and objectives as we go through the stages of our lives and experiences?

How the heck can we say we just have “one main purpose” in life?

As far as I can tell, humans have so many different purposes to fulfill in their lives – which makes life really full and juicy and keeps us wanting more.

I get the power of focus, of intention, of laser-directed energy towards something that is necessary to fill your life, your soul, your being with a feeling of meaning and relevance and joy.

But why can’t we do this towards a bunch of purposes? (wait a minute, is “purposes” a word or did I just make that up? Hang on, checking the dictionary…. Yep, It’s a word. 🙂

So the next time you see me, or we speak to each other and you want to know what my purpose in life is, here’s a better question to ask me that I can give you a more accurate answer to and won’t make me go “huh?”

“What do you love to do on this planet that fills you up with joy!

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I do believe however, that as a species, humans do have one overall, overriding, omnipotent purpose: an intention and objective to create from a place of love in every aspect of our lives for the good of everyone individually and collectively.

Got any thoughts on this?  Share below..

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