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September 24, 2020 by Comments


SETTING:  Zoom call.

CHARACTERS: Becky and Leah


Becky:  That is the coolest thing ever!

Leah: Right?

Becky: You do it every Monday?

Leah: Every Monday like clockwork

Becky: Where do you do it?

Leah: Anywhere

Becky:  Time?

Leah: Usually mornings.

Becky: Do they all show up?

Leah: Every single one of them.

Becky: Everytime?

Leah: Everytime.

Becky: And they’re helpful?

Leah: The best. Nobody helps me as much as they do.

Becky:  Pretty amazing. 

Leah: I can’t tell you how incredibly powerful it has been to have my own Spiritual Board of Directors.  I tell ya, great shit happens when I consult with them and I follow their feedback.

Becky:  Do they have different roles?

Leah: Yup. There’s a Director of Finance, a Director of Human Resources, a Director of Health, a Director of Parenting, a Director of Travel, and other directors come in as needed.

Becky: How do you speak to them?

Leah:   If I’m having a health problem, I’ll ask my DOH for ideas on how to regain my health.  If I need a new water heater and having trouble finding the money, I ask my DOF to “show me the money!” I just let them know what I need, request their help, and make sure to say THANK YOU (and really mean it) at the end of the request. 

Becky: The “thank you” part is the key right?

Leah: Yesiree. And the best part of having this SBOD, is that I never feel alone anymore.  I know I’ve got support of the highest order.

Becky: What a beautiful practice. I love this idea. I’m going to start my own SPOD tomorrow.

Leah: Just remember, if they ask you for vacation days, tell them that this is a full time, 365 days a year job…:)


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