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Is being in ACHE mode messing up your gratitude?

February 20, 2020 by Comments

I wrote this many moons ago.  Life is repeating itself, and I am again, shifting into something new that is causing an “ache.” So I went back to read this and felt it was worthy of a second share…:)

What do you ache for?

Is GRATITUDE enough?

I envy people who, like Anne Lamott, wake up every morning and go “wow.” She says that it’s not that she doesn’t get waylaid at times by the challenges of life, but more so that she has come to deeply, truly, and essentially appreciate and value the gift of being here on planet earth.

My soul, although appreciative of the “things” around, above and under that support me, the people who I love and love me, the goodness of the human heart and the universal force that is in 24 hour loving, creation mode, ACHES – ACHES I SAY – to give, to share and be fed in a way that simple gratitude for the simple and big things in my life just doesn’t cut it.

I ACHE to express myself and connect through my DIVINE artistic gifts – through words, music, and story.  And no matter how many chocolate covered almonds, or hugs I give and get, or breath’s of fresh air I breathe, if my soul isn’t speaking through me with the gifts that I was given, then gratitude is just a half-baked potato.

What do you ACHE for?

So now when I start to ACHE, I know that my soul, like a crying baby, needs to be fed, needs to be nurtured, needs to be soothed, needs to come out and play NO MATTER WHAT OTHER LIFE DEMANDS ARE POUNDING AT THE DOOR.  And when I feed my soul, when I play with my soul, when I soothe my soul, when I shine my soul, then gratitude abounds and I can be grateful for every breath I take.

So when I ache, I now know that it’s not a “bad” thing.  It’s just my soul telling me to stop making excuses and go Allow Creative Heart Expression.



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