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Make A Rage Room!

December 7, 2020 by Comments

It’s not about how to control your anger, it’s about how to RELEASE it!

Is it effective to control your anger? If you’re human, you’re dealing with anger feelings.  Okay, maybe not if you’re the Dalai Lama.  But even from what I’ve read regarding Jesus, he got pissed off at things too…before he ascended that is.

Many people create meditation rooms in their homes, a sanctuary where they can deal with their anger by practicing stress management and relaxation techniques in the hopes of experiencing peace and tranquility.  Well, if you want to live life happy, in addition to the “peace and tranquility” place, I suggest you create a Rage Room in your house. A place where you, or anyone else in your family, can go to scream, jump up an down, kick walls, beat the crap out of a punching ball, and/or rant and rave.

A place where you can physically move anger, frustration, and fury through and OUT of your system when you  feel like a raging bull with blazing red eyes and smoke coming out of your nostrils!

easy mindfulness exercises to support your affirmations Rage Room: my unconventional yet pretty awesome approach to dealing with anger…

Just think: if we all had a rage room where we could express, release and let go of  all the muck and the toxic energies, where we could change our attitude, what a happier world we’d live in! It takes a lot of energy to control your anger – why not just find a way to let it go?

Maybe less people who are dealing with anger would be less mentally ill, less likely to create conflict and drama with everyone and anyone in their near proximity, less prone to suffering from anxiety disorders, and definitely less inclined to medicate themselves up the wazoo to numb themselves to their “overwhelming” feelings.

You can’t control anger once it’s here – but you can do this instead and get energized!

Instead of dealing with anger by taking out our anger on others and/or ourselves emotionally or physically, instead of blaming others, instead of stuffing our feelings down deep into our cells and making ourselves sick, instead of drinking, drugging and sexing to deal with our feelings of anger and powerlessness, we could excuse ourselves for 5 minutes (or as long as you need) to move the shit up and out for release and transformation. I want to change my life so I choose to Release And Get Energized! Feels good just thinking about it..

People, it’s not about feeling better, it’s about getting better at feeling…AND releasing.

Yes, the goal of course, is to not have to even get to such a place where we are feeling such intense, overwhelming REACTIONS to the situations that show up for us through our daily travels. But trying to “control” your anger feels like a waste of time to me and an effort that makes even more anger arise as many times we can not “control” feelings that arise.  Kind of like the waves of an ocean…

Maybe future generations will be totally free of anger and rage.  But for most of us as humans here and now, we are still working on getting to that nirvana place where we can RESPOND to every single situation in our lives from a being state of acceptance and loving what is.

Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process, says that joy comes when we accept EVERY feeling, every emotion (energy in motion) that we experience as human beings and learn how to process and move the energy through us.  According to Brown, it’s not about feeling better, but rather about getting better at feeling.  I would add, it’s about getter better at feeling AND releasing.  Release And Get Energized!

Mindfullness exercises help us learn how to change our life.
1 – Before you even do a “dealing with anger” mindfulness exercise, I suggest you start by forgetting about “controlling your anger.” Once anger has hit your psyche you’ve got company whether you like it or not, and the only thing you have “control” over is inviting the anger in, or, letting the anger go.

2 – Don’t make anger a bad thing. It’s a feeling, like any other feeling. An energy pattern.  And like a pattern, it can be dismantled and rearranged to create something new.  Take the judgement out of how you feel, even if the feeling sucks.

3 – Create a space in your house where you can vent. You don’t have a space you say?  You got a bathroom?  You have a closet?  You’ve got a space.  Be creative and find even the littlest spot that you can designate as your place to move the shit on through. Remember Harry Potter had a space underneath the stairs…:)

4 – Give your family a heads up when you’re dealing with anger and need to visit the Rage Room.  I tell my kids that I’m going to go downstairs and freak out a bit and that when it’s over I will be back and in a much better place to be with them from a loving place.  I let them know it’s my way of processing my feelings and not to take it personally (even if it’s something that they did that triggered my reaction).  I am choosing to move my anger through me. Great role modeling for kids on how NOT to take out your feelings on someone else – even if that someone else is who you believe is the “cause” of your pissed offed-ness.

Got any cool ways to deal with anger and rage?  How do you role model dealing with anger for your kids?  Share, share, share new and creative ways to deal with feelings…


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