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I Want To Change My Life – But Do I Really?

June 17, 2014 by Comments

Yo God! I want to change my life….help!

It's easy to change your life if you change your attitude How many times have I said to myself, “I want to change my life!”, “I need to change my life!” and “This s _ _ _ has got to change!” So what stopped me from changing?  Fear of change – ah duh!

Up until recently, change was not a friendly word – it used to mean Can Have A New Gross Experience.

Thick-headed me finally got it though: life is always changing, whether I like it or not! It’s the nature of the universe and one that I have absolutely NO CONTROL over. I can push against change and be miserable, or, go with the flow and accept what is.

I laughed out loud when I thought of myself fighting against a universal force of the greatest magnitude that I was absolutely no match for. So, just like that, in a blink of an eye, I gave up the struggle: I decided to accept the life changing thought that change means Can Have A New God Experience!  Friggin’ liberating.

How to change your life? Take notice of “is” and “isn’t.”

First, just notice what is changing and then notice what isn’t changing.  Become aware of changes in all shapes, sizes and moments.

Life changing events are just a natural part of our experience if we NOTICE the changes always happening around us. Your breath, the weather, how your body is feeling, the sounds around you, and so forth. Get into the groove of seeing change all around you.

I want to change my life by changing everyone and everything else!

Many times, what I am wanting to change just isn’t changing in the way I want it to, or, think it should!  For example, how many times do I have to ask my husband of almost 30 years to close the top of the toothpaste?  I will probably die with an open toothpaste container on my bathroom sink….

However, I CAN CONTROL how I look at something, or feel about something, or resonate with something, or think about something. I can bitch about an open toothpast bottle, or just put the top on and appreciate I have a husband and toothpaste! With this in mind, “I want to change my life!” becomes “I want to change my attitude!”

A life changing thought is actually when we give up wanting to change our lives!

If we look carefully, even the mundane, daily duties that we feel “don’t change,” actually “do change.”  The laundry may be a constant activity (boy, I really hope when I die there is no such thing as laundry), but it’s not the same day, the same minute, the same breath – ever.

If we approach “I want to change my life” with this attitude and watch and listen to what is already different, then as we focus on change, change starts to happen magically – without us having to bang our heads against the wall or yell at our husbands….

How to change your life? 1 mindfulness exercise guaranteed to change your life..:)


Mindfullness exercises help us learn how to change our life.

1 – Change the statement  “I want to change my life” to “I am life.”  Here’s the rationale: if you are life and the one constant about life is CHANGE, then doesn’t it make sense that you and your circumstances will change – naturally?  When you go with the flow of life, and accept change as an inherent part of who you are, you will be lead to take action that will naturally support changes that support your deepest self.

Life is its own journey, presupposes its own change and movement, and one tries to arrest them at one’s eternal peril.  ~Laurens van der Post

Everything comes to pass, nothing comes to stay. ~Matthew Flickstein


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